Sunday, October 27, 2013


 4 turnips
 2 tablespoons butter
 2 tablespoons flour
 1 tablespoon sugar
 1 cup milk
 salt & pepper    

 Peel the turnips, then dice into small size chunks.
 Place the turnips into a pan and fill with water until almost reaches the top of the turnips.
 Bring to a boil then cover, medium heat for 10 minutes, and drain the turnips.

 Place the turnips into the saucepan and add water until almost covering the turnips add the sugar and mix, cover and simmer until the turnips are fork tender then drain all of the water except for a small amount on the bottom of the pan. (Reserve the turnips). Boiling the turnips a second time gets rid of the bitterness of the turnip.

In a separate pan, melt the butter over medium heat then add the flour. Stir well and constantly to form a paste, add the milk and continue to stir with a whisk until the mixture thickens, add the reserved turnips and combine.

Add salt and pepper to taste as you like. It you want it less thick add more milk.

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